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Oh come on that smile should be illegal it could cause car wrecks, heart flutters, weakness in the knees goodness gracious me - and people wonder why i LOVE super natural, because its a double whammy! Sam and Dean - weak!

Video Thumbnail - Jared Padalecki Talks Justin Bieber Feud. OMFG WATCH IT!!! Jared is so friggin flawless.

Jared Padelicki: Justin Bieber's Fans Want to Kill Me!

I DARE them to trey and kill Jared *loads gun into trunk and closes it* get in fandomers, we got work to do. Even if the war is over, we still have work to be done.

Sam Winchester

dedicated to my idols Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Tons of supernatural and all things and whatever else I feel like posting.

He would be deadly to any will power I might have......

He would be deadly to any will power I might have. <<< what will power

Fara Winchester (@DevilFaraAckles) | Twitter

Fara Winchester (@DevilFaraAckles) | Twitter

.Ok, i am usually a Castiel/Dean girl...but good...lord... What a Cutie..

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