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15 Extremely Creepy Photos You Can't Un-see

23 Photos That Make You Say "WTF?"

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Shadi Ghadirian cuestiona el papel de la mujer a través de sus imágenes - Antidepresivo

Untitled from the Like Everyday Series Shadi Ghadirian’s photos ironically portray a one-dimensional interpretation of housewives, absurdly reducing their identities to cooks and cleaners.

Designaside » Shadi Ghadirian

View Untitled from the Like Everyday Series by Shadi Ghadirian on artnet. Browse more artworks Shadi Ghadirian from Saatchi Gallery.

@ordurebizarre // Patrizia Conde

Modern day costumes have nothing on these horrific Halloween costumes of the past. Warning: Don’t look at these pics before going to bed!

Hanna Valdís and her sisters

The three Norns. Three divine beings who dwell within the Well of Urd beneath the great tree Yggdrasil. They carve the destinies of all living beings in. The Three Norns


shadyoaks: modcloth: Vali Myers, aka the Witch of Positano, was a muse to many, from Diane Arbus to Tennessee Williams. But she was also an incredible artist herself, as well as animal lover and free spirit. She even gave Patti Smith a homemade tattoo!

This photos are so dark and mysterious. I love every one of them. ❤️

This photos are so dark and mysterious. ❤️ They really remind me of the intro to American Horror Story: Coven

The portraiture of 18-year-old Alex Stoddard.  This picture freaks me out. It's very hard not to feel involved; like you should be reaching out to stop the chair from tipping. Fantastic moment; insanity caught on film.

Meet photographer Alex Stoddard, a 21 year old with incredible talent. Here is a look at many of his surreal and beautiful self-portraits and other photos.