The weirdest hotels around the world… But some of the awesomest!

The weirdest hotels around the world… I want to stay at an ice hotel, and the hobbit holes and mountain one look cool, but the mirrors-everywhere one def gives me the creeps.

St Lawrence River, Canada

Winter Photos: Cold can be Beautiful

St Lawrence River, Canada

Fresh Trail Walk by Al Bowering

After an evening of moderate snowfall I went down to our local waterfront trail in Port Hope, and luckily enough I was the first one there that morning. I got this shot of the fresh snow without any tracks.

First snow of the season at Rakitniško lake.

Stock Photography Pictures 10 Amazing Winter Wonderlands - Daily Doozy (shared via SlingPic)

宙を舞いながら渡る橋「Trampoline Bridge」

宙を舞いながら渡る橋「Trampoline Bridge」: DesignWorks Archive

I think I just found my favorite place in the world. {Trampoline Bridge in Paris} bucket list!


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University of Denver's first snow of 2012

first snow at University of Denver

Now this looks like fun…

Funny pictures about This Looks Like So Much Fun. Oh, and cool pics about This Looks Like So Much Fun. Also, This Looks Like So Much Fun photos.