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"È molto semplice, perché la vita non è in bianco e nero. La realtà è colorata e a me piace rappresentarla così come la vedo. Non so voi, ma io la vedo a colori (ride), le cose hanno un’anima colorata." Steve Mc Curry

I was in an art studio in San Diego's Balboa Park and saw a terrific collection of brushes. It seemed this was better as a a painting itself then a photo so I tried to recreat a more impressionistic feeling. Here is more inspiration:

Ꮭҽɱσɲƴ ᏕɲᎥƈƙҽʈ: Ꭿ ᏕҽɽᎥҽʂ Ꭷʄ Uɲʄσɽʈųɲʈҽ Ꮛvҽɲʈʂ

Old wooden tools, preferably from a grandpa, an uncle or the old man across the street.

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