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Cinderella amazed that the pumpkin turned into a coach~~

lol no wonder he sas so desperate to find her

Prince Charming more like Prince Fabulous

Things You Don't Know About Disney World - The Meta Picture <<< Why in the world would the characters be discouraged to give adults high fives?

Things You Don't Know About Disney World - The Meta Picture. (I read in a few places Nixon made his speech at the Contemporary. The world showcase entrance in EPCOT is accessible from the yacht and beach clubs, the boardwalk, the dolphin and the swan.

Disney posters for a variety of movies, not just the princess ones but great mouse detective too!

Art Deco Disney cinema posters - It looks like the Frozen poster was made before the new script.

all the disney princesses as mermaids. i love it!!!!!!

My question is: Why is Ariel, the only actual mermaid princess, the most badly illustrated "if they were mermaids" princess of the bunch?<---ummm Ariel's not in this drawing.

Lucille is 13 years old and the younger sister of Diana. Lucille is shy and soft-spoken. While her sister is all popular and well-liked, she is put in the background. She acts like she doesn't mind this, but she has a secret plan to overthrow her sister. Make sure this plan doesn't go through! She is very misunderstood and needs help. ADOPTED BY MERA WHITEROSE

I changed her face cause it was a little off After two days of work for commissions i decided to add a new piece to my new Disney princesses collection. Princess Of Heart - Cinderella

Walt Disney's favorite piece of animation was Cinderella's transformation.

Cinderella dress transformation (not my edit)

In light of ABC's upcoming Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, let's look back on the trauma of the Disney classic. You never forget your first bad trip.

You had a cat. You had it all.

How Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" Scarred You For Life- I just like this pic

cinderellas dress

My favorite Cinderella dress

Trueee<3 still love disney(:  #disneymovies

You are never too old for a Disney movie. My Life Quote

i don't care when, but this song HAS to be played at my wedding... :) one of my favorites!

a classic love song! even if it is from an animated movie! perfect for a wedding

Day 8: Sidekicks. Gus and Jaques!

Cinderella's favorite mice, Jaq and Gus

Cinderella (1950)

Young Cinderella and her father.And puppy Bruno and the horse!

Disney princess alphabet

A Disney Princess Alphabet

Beauty and the Beast. There must be more than this provincial life I sang this song all day

In honor of Beauty in the Beast 3D being re-released to theatres. One of my favorites!

Beauty And The Beast! Beauty And The Beast is my favorite Disney movie!

27 Feminist Disney Moments That Unapologetically Smashed The Patriarchy

Go Go's beautiful edit of a typically sexist phrase against the boys in Big Hero