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Amazing clear sphere animal sculptures by Kohei Nawa

Kohei Nawa Japan) - Pixcell Japanese artist Kohei Nawa is acclaimed for his PixCell series, which is a word that integrates ‘pixel’, which demonstrates digital image resolution, and.

CRYSTAL BEADS Sculptures by Kohei Nawa

Japanese sculptor and assistant professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kohei Nawa is known for his pixcell series, where countles.

yayoi kusama

she voluntarily has lived in a mental institution since the : yayoi-kusama

齊白石 -《松蝉》                                   立轴,设色纸本,130.6×33cm。 此画构图极为讲究,淡墨的松树干,顶天立地;较重墨色描画的松树枝,从左上方斜插而下;再以凝重的焦墨写出细如毫发而又秀劲多姿的松针;淡赭墨写就的孤蝉,紧紧地抓着一根光秃秃的松枝,与右侧的重墨题字,遥相呼应,可谓别有怀抱。

glitteryrebelexpert: “ Qi Baishi - “ Cicada Song ” vertical , color on paper , × This painting is very particular about composition , light ink dry pine , indomitable … ”

by Kohei Nawa

by Kohei Nawa

Just some interesting bacteria cells that could possibly help add some creepy vibes to the whole magic disease concept. I especially love the small hairs sticking out and creating this "sticky" feeling.

Organic Creatures Crafted from Plastic Cable Ties by Sui Park Arte, organismos negro y blanco

Points of Contention par Jonathan Latiano - Journal du Design

Points of Contention par Jonathan Latiano

Installation à la School 33 Art Center de Baltimore Of the american artist Jonathan Latiano

Kohei Nawa. PixCell Red deer. Yanaka Taito-Ku Tokio.

Art Basel Miami Beach: l'arte brilla al sole.

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