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Should You Be Using a Pen Name? by Helen Sedwick explains why authors use pen names, how to choose and register a pen name, and what not to do when using one.


Are you painting with your original voice today? "Writing is the painting of the voice." - Voltaire (interesting to think in terms of handwriting also)

Telecommuting has become an attractive option for workers who live in locations with limited job opportunities. Between those who live far away from big cities, and those who simply prefer to work from home.

Creative writing tips for fiction authors.There are two types of stories. Stories that are about something, and stories that are ABOUT something. Here's are three tips for writing the latter.

5 Books You Should Read If You Want To Write

Looking for ways to improve your writing? Here is a list of the top 5 books you should read if you want to write!

Writing Prompt: Shares the single most effective trick EVER for creating a realistic, compelling, and powerful bad guy.

How to Avoid Tricky Grammar Mistakes: Confusing Plurals

The Power of the Quirky Detail

7 Steps to Procrastinate Less and Meet Your Writing Deadline

7 Steps to Procrastinate Less and Meet Your Writing Deadlines

So You Want to Write a Novel

So You Want to Write a Novel infographic. "The marketing of your book is left completely to you: An introvert who started writing in the first place to avoid having to talk to people.

Free Apps Every Writer Should Be Using

If you’re wondering who Hemingway is, this post is for you. Sometimes writing can be a pain. Especially if you’re writing a last minute assignment with little time to spare. No matter how hard we try, our writing is not always going to be at its best. Whatever the case, there are some great new apps available to …

Copyright a Book With a Pen Name

How to Copyright a Book With a Pen Name. Writers have adopted pseudonyms or pen names to disguise themselves for a number of reasons: to hide their true gender (Alice Sheldon writing as James Tiptree, Jr.), to hide their work in a.