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"When I finish school, I wish to go to university to study law. I dream of becoming the Minister of Justice one day. I would like to provide justice for the poor and make sure their rights are protected." - Helder(14) ---

‎"My dad and my civic education teacher always explain to us how important it is to get an education, both at school and at home. We get moral education at home, which complements the education we get at school. All children have the right to go to school and get an education.” - Luisa(13)

“I was seven years old when I started attending school. Those were special days. I still remember that my father took me there. I was happy to be in school because I could play and learn. Though school I have the opportunity to make friends." - Artelinda (13)

Edeline Jean (age 7), on the foundation of her new school. Since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti destroyed Edeline Jean’s school, she has attended classes in a semi-enclosed makeshift structure on the school grounds. “I have to walk a lot to get to school, but it is not too difficult,” she said. UNICEF is currently building an earthquake- and hurricane-resistant school for her and approximately 400 other children. ©UNICEF/Marco Dormino

"Without school, I don’t think I will be able to realize my dreams and learn how to write and read. Through the school I got selected to be part of the group of children working at the community radio of Chibuto, and being a radio producer has helped shape my dream of becoming a journalist in the future." - Raissa(13)

On location with Half the Sky in Kenya: Young students at the Kibera School for Girls, the first tuition-free school for girls in Kibera, founded by Shining Hope for Communities (Courtesy Jessica Chermayeff)

"One day I will be a police officer. I love going to school. When I’m not in school, I don’t feel happy." -- Luisa da Alegria Damago Nate, 13 years old, is a young student who dreams of one day protecting women and children from abuse. This is her story. --

Baruani Ndume is a former child refugee from Congo that garnered international attention for winning the 2009 International Children’s Peace Prize, as a result of his work in promoting children’s rights and education in Tanzania.

"My oldest sister dropped out of school when she became pregnant. I will not follow her example, and won’t have a boyfriend before I finish school. My mother has taught me how to say no if I don’t like something. I love going to school to get an education. " - Anissa (13) ---

Participation is a human right and should be available to all children including those with disabilities. On the photo: TV presenter Leonardo at the Center for the Visually Impaired working on a computer Learn more about Child Participation at