Driftwood Egg Treehouse Another unique Taka creation is the Driftwood Egg Treehouse, which he created for a Nescafe commercial on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. The small perch was constructed from driftwood sourced from the region. Pete Nelson/New Treehouses of the World

11 Amazing Treehouses from Around the World

Nescafe Tree-house: Takashi Kobayashi, one of the world’s leading treehouse builders, designed this unique structure when Nestle hired him to create a treehouse for a Japanese TV commercial. Kobayashi built the bird’s nest of.

Fada Moranga: Fada Moranga loves treehouses!

Treehouse in China - David Greenberg is an artist and treehouse designer. This is one of the treehouses he designed in China (it's in the book HomeWork).Photo by Pete Nelson

Nelson Treehouse and Supply: Portfolio of residential treehouses, retreat treehouses, kids treehouses

Nelson Treehouse and Supply: The source for custom treehouses, designs, consulting, DIY plans, supplies and vacations.


New Treehouses of the World Hardcover. Since the publication of Treehouses of the World , the community of treehouse builders has grown tremendously, and many more innovative treehouses have been built around the world. In New Treehou.

I want a tree houses like this!

The Redmond Treehouse in Redmond, Washington USA built by Steve Rondell original caption: Help us locate this treehouse. This was made cover image for Pete Nelsons "Treehouses of the World.


23 Magical Tree Houses We Want To Play In

What a great sense of proportional architecture. I love the broken angled lines of the structure are great for a stylized mini village look - perhaps an "Into the Woods" or other fairy tale setting- BJP perfect as a play house in the back for the kids

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I would live here. I love creepy houses that look creepy in the middle of creepy forests.

Awesome tall tree house

In honor of my own amazing tree house growing up and why not make it a yoga studio while Im at it!