How-To: Marcel Waves - Retro Hair and Makeup Ideas That Will Transport You to Another Era - Photos

How-To: Marcel Waves

pin curls & finger waves -- my "go to" style for the past few years.

1920-1930'lu Şık Dalgalı Saç Modeli Uygulaması - Özel günler için veya günlük evde yapabileceğiniz 1920-1930'lu dalgalı ve şık saç modeli tekniği (Flapper Hair-Style Tutorial Video)

hair -"The Italian Touch" video shows how to create fingerwaves using just pin curl clips for the front. I substitute "head organics" extra hold hair gel for the mousse they used.

Holy gorgeous swirly retro curls, Batman! Tami Lee of My Moving Finger Writes knows how to rock out some retro waves that I know some era-inspired brides will totally be up for trying.

Create some retro fingerwaves with barrel pin curls

You know we love us some Roxie from How-To Hair girl. Check out this video tutorial for making SUPER EASY pin curls that can be left long and loose or to create a gorgeous updo on long or short hai.

Forget the 20s, this is 2015

Want Tousled Hair Without Using Tongs? Here's How...

Haute Couture Tribe: you can achieve this look by prepping the hair with small talk, Queen for a day. After blow drying apply haute iron spray for shine and heat protection when using heat tools.

How to Create a 1940s Hairstyle - If you are a fan of vintage clothing and chic retro hairstyles, you surely would like to know how to create a 1940s hairstyle to complete your look. Retro hairstyles have made a huge comeback in nowadays hair trends offering some extremely feminine, glamorous looks that speak about creativity and originality. Get inspired by the era's major icons and Hollywood legends like Lauren Bacall and Veronica for a glamorous 40s hairstyle!

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.How to Create a Hairstyle Love this old hollywood glam look

how to create a 1940's hairstyle, gonna have to get some of those clips and try.

pin curls & finger waves -- my "go to" style for the past few years.

many women these days are bringin back the hairstyles of the 1940s. these hairstyles were also connected with pin up girls, so modern women want to portray this vintage type of sexuality

Vintage Pin Up Hairstyle

pin up hairstyle tutorial.i wih i was this good doin' hairdos.but you can't always get what you want (Pin Up Hair Tutorial)