Tips for writing faster

writing tips subplots and brief boring scenes

Necessary but Boring Scene? Make it short & sweet. Don't forget your subplots.

Close the door. write with no one looking over your shoulder and figure out what you have to say.

"Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you;" Barbara Kingsolver quote on writing.

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Bad and good writing, Janet Hulstrand -- Yes, yes, yes.

character is the very life of fiction...

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...accurate.  The more I love a character, the more I put them through.

I nearly died laughing reading this.

Write what scares you.

How to Write a Book And Get it Published: A Beginner's Guide

writing advice: write what scares you.

So...basically if you're not considered "marginalized," you should include non-normative characters simply for the sake of having them there but give them little substance by not really going in depth with what they deal with. Right. Because that in and of itself isn't always called out as marginalizing. Do you want non-normative characters, or don't you? If you don't want a cis person writing about a trans character, then don't order cis people to include trans characters in their stories…

write marginalized characters but don't write about the marginalization without experience

Your Character's Appearance - Get To Know Them The Ultimate Guide to Nailing Your Character's Appearance from She's Novel

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Writing advice from fantasy author Alan Dean Foster

Your second draft - beauty and murder

Your second draft - beauty and deleting scenes!

Write when you're not inspired - Neil Gaiman

This is so relatable.

This is so relatable.

Everytime you see this on Pinterest, log off and write 200 words. Good luck and don't cheat!!! XD

O-O I was just doing my morning 'social media check!