Blue Sentinel Targray

Blue Sentinel Targray - Characters & Art - Dark Souls II

Рендер Dark Souls 2 Blue Knight Targray, Shepard of lost souls, guide to transient beings

Lord Knight, Medieval, Middle Ages

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Harlan Eastbrook, a Duscani alchemist and magician assigned to the penal colony on Telu Beldur. He works with Kane during her hunt for Ol' Bella, eventually sleeps with her then betrays her. She halfheartedly shoots him in the face.

Khelru by on @DeviantArt

Kwaw Twumazi, member of the elite guard the Gods mask in Farash-dhur, wait for his turn to speak to the ruling council, bringing with him a urgent letter from Saanara.

Mittelreicher / leichte Kavallerie / Soldat / Krieger

Rothe Darran, born in the village Eudarr two days west of Fandhros, has served as a cavalerist in the army of the Green giant valley for five years, and hasn´t been in any real fights yet.

Character inspiration: Rilion

Character inspiration: Rilion