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Malika Favre

Geometria e cores fortes de Malika Favre


malika favre 4 vector illustration. I really like the small palette of colours used but the way that they are designed in the pattern bring life into the piece and make it interesting for the eye with its fluid movement.

Os vetores de Andrew Bannecker

The rainbow of lines starting from the bottom and leading to the boat at the top of the page are effective. These lines catch your attention because of their color and then they draw your eyes up to the boat which is the main theme of the image. I like how the background is not too distracting from the boat which is very simple.

Malika Favre Vector Illustrations by Jéssica Vieira

Cleo & Lea by Malika Favre

GRAPHIC | Malika Favre

Deixar um pouco de lado a tecnologia e viver o sabor de um bom banho de chuva ♡

Uber kewl!