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Custom R2-D2 Xbox

I want this X-Box. Even though I almost never play console games XD

Ive found the Rebel Bass

Buy Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bass Guitar at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Oh. My. Gosh! Mulan Star Wars crossover!!! Lol

Well Padme can't be a force ghost but still this is a awesome Star Wars/Mulan crossover.

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Darth Vader - Paul Van Oijen

Wow, D, whaddaya think.black sheep of the Daft Punk clan? :) Darth Vader by Paul Van Oijen

I don't even like Star Wars and I love this.

These are a few of my favorite pins. - Page 22

Funny pictures about If Darth Vader had been a good father. Oh, and cool pics about If Darth Vader had been a good father. Also, If Darth Vader had been a good father.

Three of a kind!

Darth Vader, Darth Stewie, and Dark Helmet, Join the Dark Side, We have Cookies!

I don't agree with the one about yodasurprised over Luke's father....but the rest of them...yeah pretty much

Random Star Wars Facts

Random Star Wars Facts: Lol, ANY one who really knows Star Wars will immediately know how inaccurate this is. this leaves out a bunch of stuff

star wars jokes - Google Search

Funny pictures about Death Star. Oh, and cool pics about Death Star. Also, Death Star photos.

Now you know, CCSS is most decidedly post high school.

Tech Thursday: Workforce Commissions, Education, and Common Core

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Darth Vader fiddle dance...teh win

Darth Vader playing the violin. This is random. But it's star wars and music.

Well it's a funny story.  My friend Jabba calls up one day.....

boba-fett-on-antique-roadshow. Haha, love it, especially since I love antiques roadshow.