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Casal de grafiteiros usa técnica do estêncil para colorir as ruas :-D - Blue Bus

Street art from "A different type of Art" on Facebook

Jana & JS street art

I had a cat print. So people were asking for dogs. Here it is. Hope, you can find your dog here. And if not, well, hes probably is chasing the cat

jana8.jpg (628×954)

Dorothee Golz - "Moça com Brinco de Pérola"

I Was a Botox Junkie (Los Angeles), centro | Tristan Eaton

Colorize - Essência Lírica

grafitti C215

Ryan Mayberry's latest enterprise, ArtMoi Studio, is the application designed expressly for professional artists to inventory their output. Since its recent release, it has met great success, with thousands of new users and more joining daily. ArtMoi Studio has the support of the National Research Council to further its development. If you are a professional artist or a prolific amateur, click here to visit the blog! (image: Banksy-Hits-San-Francisco)

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