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John Poppleton uses UV body paint to create scenes of nature and space, and then brings them to life under a black light.

Stunning Bodyscapes Brought To Life With Black Light Paint

body portrait - John Poppleton is an artist that creatively specializes in body portraits by painting landscapes onto the skin using glowing paint that is brought .

Pintura fluorescente a base de agua  Se aplica con un pincel, una esponja, aerógrafo o con dedos mojados . Se quita con agua y jabón. La pintura brilla bajo la luz ultravioleta y luz negra. La gama tiene 8 tonos diferentes.

I love this black light photo and how it showcases all the glow paint. I think that it is amazing how different types of light create different things.

night maker by destinyblue - Sweet Digital Art by DestinyBlue  <3 <3

night maker by destinyblue - Sweet Digital Art by DestinyBlue <3 <3

Фотограф и художник Джон Попплтон (John Poppleton) создает фантастические произведения искусства, в которых сочетает красоту женских форм с великолепием природы. На спинах обнаженных девушек он рисует люминесцентными красками пейзажи, будто то закаты, рассветы, океаны, горные хребты, мерцающие сияния и даже космос. Все это выглядит мистически и завораживающе.

Sandra's Fiery Worlds by John Poppleton he scene is painted directly on the skin using fluorescent materials and photographed under black light. A fan is used to blow the hair and back lit with a small tungsten video light.

Can u accept that I do care for you, love u, miss u..

Can u accept that I do care for you, love u, miss u..

We are all connected to everyone and everything in the universe. Therefore,  everything one does as an individual affects the whole. All thoughts, words, images, prayers, blessings, and deeds are listened to by all that is. ~ Serge Kahili King. WILD WOMAN SISTERHOODॐ #WildWomanSisterhood #womenoftheearth #theuniversewithin

This is a collection of Black Light Bodyscapes by artist and photographer John Poppleton. John paints these landscapes onto female models and lights them w

John Poppleton Under the Black Light

John Poppleton "Under Black Light" - Wellsville, Utah - Lifestyle Services

pintura corporal

Pintura Corporal de Paisagens Fosforescentes

Bodyscapes: Artist uses UV paint on naked models to produce landscape pictures - Telegraph

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UV body painting & photograph by John Poppleton. Painted on skin using fluorescent body paint and photographed under black light.

UV body painting of lightning on two pole fitness instructers.

Lightning Rod - I’ve always been fascinated by black lights, the beauty of the human body, the world around me and the ability to create and express myself through art. I’m now affectionately referred to as “The Bob Ross of Black Light Body Painting”.