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ArtStation - Toiletbots, Emerson Tung

Toiletbots: Portabotty 9000 and Duchampion 9000

ArtStation - Toiletbots, Emerson Tung

Toiletbots by Emerson Tung

Sketch-A-Day 25

Sketch-A-Day 25

Jacob Earl

concept robots: Robot turntables by Jacob Earl

EHF-o2 Seabird by Tekka-Croe.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Seabird by Tekka-Croe

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ArtStation - b_mech, shinku kim

(http://37.media.tumblr.com/f1ce25954cd902c99cf335429f3aa69f/tumblr_n6wt16pNeb1rtvh73o1_1280.jpg) ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES |

Hazardous Clean Up Team

VehMech Wk6 Rough by Pinakes #mecha – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/29062360078445748/

VehMech Rough by Pinakes

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Darren Quach sketchbooks video interview by Scott Robertson. (image links to video!

Term 2 FZD Student Work

From digital painting and design sketching classes.

ArtStation - #MarchofRobots - week03, giorgio baroni

third batch of designs for

bye-bye bump

Sketchbook: bye-bye bump - Page 6

-S3HMw7_0as.jpg (993×1080)

Inspired by Nivanh Chanthara, Alexander Watt.

Back View - Black Finished by TLEINDUSTRY on DeviantArt

This is a scale Mech model that wasn't created by kitbashing but rather hand built. It has 247 individual parts put together included 86 metal nuts and bolts, 9 metal cables, 26 screws and a lot of metal pins as well as real

Term 2 FZD Student Work via PinCG.com

From digital painting and design sketching classes.

Bekijk deze Instagram-foto van @ablackwe • 1,889 vind-ik-leuks

WEBSTA @ ablackwe - 198 2016 another just standing around.