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Bill Gates diz que comando Ctrl+Alt+Del foi um erro


Sometimes when I am in a new place and there are lots of people there it is like a computer crashing and I have to close my eyes and put my hands over my ears and groan, which is like pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and shutting down programs and turning the computer off and rebooting so that I can remember what I am doing and where I am meant to be going.

$1 Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard and take a coffee break with the 3-piece keyboard inspired cup set from Japanese design house Fu-Bi. Cups are made from non-toxic plastic and are disguised as Ctrl+Atl+Del keys of a computer keyboard when turned upside down. Add a touch of subtle quirk to yo...

Ctrl Alt Delete Cup Set What do you do when you are at a dead end with your computer? You press one key after another and nothing happens, the computer just won’t give. You bang your head against the CPU in frustration, but to no avail. It is in such situations..

Drücken Sie Strg Alt oder Del für eine schnelle Kaffeepause.

Prefab Pizza Oven Fireplace | To print this window press Ctrl (and) P on your keyboard.

ALT-CTRL-DEL Mugs /\-/\

Hit Ctrl Alt or Del for a quick coffee break. -

Ctrl-Alt-Del Cups – Enjoy an unique “Unusual” way getting a personal mental refresh cup of coffee. Coffee-cup set made to look like the keys you use to refresh your computer. This set of plastic cups look like giant black Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys. Pressing them won’t really do much, however. You have to invert them, fill them with your favorite... #coffeecup #ctrlaltdelcups #cups

I Keep Pressing The Escape Key But Im Still Here M

I Keep Pressing The Escape Key But Im Still Here M on