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Sacred Ghost - Owohenupa – 1867

Long Mandan - Oohenumpa - 1867 Long Mandan - Oohenumpa - 1867 Flying Bird - Oohenumpa - 1867 Spotted Horse - Oohenumpa - 1867 Sacred Ghost - Oohenumpa - 1867 Grizzly Bear With Great Voice -


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Chief Owl—Blackfoot circa 1886.   During the 1880s, Canadian Alex Ross photographed many of the First Nations people who lived around Calgary. In particular, Ross documented many of the men, women and families of the Blackfoot—mainly of the Siksiká Nation—and the Tsuu T’ina—or as they were originally called, Sarcee.   Ross started his photographic career as an assistant in Winnipeg, but decided in his early 30s to relocate to Calgary and establish his own studio. The practicalities of…

NA Indian -Chief Joseph, Blackfoot Man. This looks a staged photo. I wonder if it was taken in order to perpetuate a stereotype.

Kiowa Apache man Black Hawk 1875

Kiowa Apache man Black Hawk 1875

Lormet-Native_American-0109sml2 by Lormet-Images on DeviantArt

Native American tribesman in Indian regalia. This is one of a series of photos taken at Redbird's 2015 Children of Many Colors Native American Powwow he.