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Egg Love

if this is right or just puppy love

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Yet to meet anyone else who dislikes sleeping as much as I do. Even when I'm EXHAUSTED, I still can't stand sleeping.

Un#spookyTreats: Candy Corn Marshmallow People

Unspooky Treats: Candy Corn Marshmallow People

Candy Corn Marshmallow People - These little guys are marshmallows dipped in two shades of tinted white chocolate, with dots of icing added for eyes.

“Spoken by one of the greatest minds this world has ever known--before something can exist, one's imagination must dance with the magic of childhood--a time when we believed all things were possible! Never lose the child within, for with her, one can accomplish the impossible!.”

Words of Wisdom: Quotes About Imagination

Funny pictures about Logic vs. Oh, and cool pics about Logic vs. Also, Logic vs.

Golden monkey | Flickr - Photo Sharing!  The blue faces are so unusual...I would have called them "blue faced" monkeys

Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys (I would have named them Golden Blue-Faced Monkeys but I'm not allowed to name monkeys).

this is utterly fantastic. #wizardofoz

This is brilliant Oz cover art. I wish it weren’t quite so… green, though I understand why it is. prettyclever: “ Paul Bartlett – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Re-Covered Books contest on The Fox Is.



You Didn't Thank Me For Punching You in the Face -- "When was it decided that we should start teaching our daughters to accept being belittled, disrespected and abused as endearing treatment?

Mariah Josephy

Mariah Josephy


I am both lonely and loved.lonely and loved. Morning come soon for my love is lonely without you.