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Brand new set coming to #saradoes #etsyshop later today: the besties betches gift set becuz duh. tag your besties and/or betches below I'll pick someone random later to send a set fo free

Thursday's are for Snarky Spotlights! #snarkyspotlight is a blog series featuring cards from the #thesnarkshop between now the holidays. Each week comes with brief commentary on the origins of the card why you need to have this piece of snark in your life why mail sending is important. This week's post is about why everybody gotta be so mushy with cards for The One. Like can't I make him laugh and still mean it? I say yes obvs. Read the super quick mini story find the card at…

It's really difficult to make tasteful snarky comments about Veterans. And in fact I think we could argue that "tastefully snarky" is not really a thing. Or at least it's a thing that shouldn't be applied to something as serious as our Veterans' sacrifices. This is why there is no Veterans Day card in #thesnarkshop. Just ain't fittin. Cheers to all the Vets out there making the world safe and free - so that we CAN send each other snarky cards and things that are not always politically…

Spending a long weekend visiting my parental units sans my husband piece. And I'm totally not thinking of him 24/7 texting 24/7 in general being a bugaboo like a good wife should be. Amazingly snarky greeting card available in the shop. Link in profile per usual. #saradoes

Merry Christmas or whatever. It's basically time to buy cards and stuff by thesnarkshop

Already posted about this Tiny Human new baby card but I started a new blog series to chat about the origin or stories behind the snark and the first post is up today talking about the miracle of tiny humans Link to the post is in my profile. A quick and emotional yet still snarky view on babies #saradoes

Y'all! #thesnarkshop got new thank you cards I'll be transitioning over the next month away from "Sara does" and solidifying branding and whatnot around The Snark Shop. Old name has served me well but it's time to move forward and also not confuse people anymore! You can still find all things snarky at [and shop name on Etsy will be changing but you don't have to do anything to keep following or save your favorites items] by thesnarkshop

Feeling totally grateful in a completely non-snarky way for people who love snarky cards. The message on the card might have some bite but the sentiment behind the act of sending is always genuine. Isn't that something? Only humans can do this. Only humans can use sometimes mean words while simultaneously portraying love. #sendmoremail #snarkysnailmail #thesnarkshop by thesnarkshop

Can I be 100% honest? I don't know NOTHING about flowers and plants and gardening. Zero. But I read on the Internet that perennials are flowers that bloom year after year. Or I guess like usually they do as long as you tend them properly. I thought this would be a sort of nice (and really not all that snarky) sentiment for an anniversary card. Because marriages need tending for them to keep on keepin on ya know? That's all for today's episode of Deep and Non-Snarky Sunday Thoughts with Sara…

FRIDAY NIGHT TIP: all snark shop cards will always be now and forever five dollars amen. $5 snarky cards available at! Go there! Happy Friday! by thesnarkshop