more painted rocks

A ton of painted rock ideas. A perfect indoor craft to do with kids. From Inspire Bohemia

Pretty Painted Rocks

Maybe not rocks but we could paint something crafty to sell, i like the patterns. painted rocks - nice patterning ideas for costume decoration. from Fun With Stones and Rocks by Pascale De Groof

Hand Painted Rocks - since the white keeps the texture of the rock, it almost looks natural :)

Set of 3 Painted Pebbles

Set of 3 Painted Pebbles - Tribal via Etsy

Altered rocks - paper, buttons, pens -and paints- Sewing pattern weights?

MANY ways to paint rocks ...using many colors, single colors, & even melting crayons on warm rocks while drawing ...geometric patterns (simple to complex) + images (simple to more realistic) . . .plus a few rub-on transfers + 1 glass "mosaic" onlay . . . also see my board "Doodles, Zentangles, etc"

DIY painted rocks tips & inspiration. What a great idea to use as table decor for a party like a centerpiece!

Image result for embroidery hoop weaving

by Deloss Webber Bento Series beach stones, rattan, slate. Del’s reverence for nature takes shape as varying types of stones are wrapped in fiber - rattan, bamboo, cane or reed.