ArtStation - The Lord Weird Slough Feg., Nivanh Chanthara

Photobash for fun. Highly inspired by Simon Bisley's and Tsutomu Nihei's work. The Lord Weird Slough Feg.

When the man comes., Nivanh Chanthara on ArtStation at

ArtStation - When the man comes., by Nivanh ChantharaMore robots here.

Borg Queen - Concept Art for "Star Trek Online" scary:

some pretty awesome conceptual art: Borg Queen - Concept Art for "Star Trek Online"

3, RC Yang on ArtStation at

Codename: Splash Yuri has the ability to bring his drawings/images to life and fight by his side. Can be found around the Seattle area

Ninja Conceptual

Ninjutsu tends to become more horrifying when combined with the lost relics of the Frontier.

Dragon as a man

Draconian warrior (Not particularly fond of humanoid dragons but this design is really nice!


自走型阿姆斯特朗大炮的照片 - 微相册@大袋鼠GR采集到中日韩人设(1056图)_花瓣