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O que são e por que existem aquelas manchinhas flutuantes na nossa visão?

In this TED video David Angus talks about target therapies. This is where a majority of Side-Out funding is going toward. Translational research dedicated to the concept of target therapies in early and late stage breast cancer. Volleyball has funded this...great job to all of our players, coaches, and parents!

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A mindful shower.

Talks to watch when someone just stomped on your heart | Playlist |

Ayurveda teaches that we live most optimally by observing cycles in nature, and utilizing practices that align ourselves with them.

why-sitting-is-bad-for-you-murat-dalkilinc Sitting down for brief periods can help us recover from stress ....

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Ocean Optometry

Did we mention that we take care of red eyes as well? #Eyecare #Emergency #RedEye #Optometry #Optometrist #Eyes #visionHealthMonth #SaturdayMorning

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16 Little Things You Can Do For Someone With Anxiety

Be someone who an anxious person knows they can count on when things are bad.

top 4 natural alternative cancer treatments that one should consider if they receive a cancer diagnosis. Cancer treatment today adds more toxicity to an already sick body, increasing the chances of relapse, even if they are lucky enough to survive chemo and radiation. There are very effective natural treatments that do not destroy the health of the patient and very effectively heal the disease.