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Creating Garden Rooms- this, if i know my irish mythology correctly, is the green man Fountain

Fable3_Mourningwood. Mourningwood is a region in Fable III. It is a marshy region, and appears to be the new cemetery for the city of Bowerstone. Major features include an eco-warrior settlement, Mourningwood Fort, a Demon Door, the Dark Sanctum, and the entrance to Sunset House. It is inhabited by Hobbes and Hollow Men.

As i aim to become employed at Lionhead after graduation i would like to use a more stylized point of inspiration for this project in order gain experience with an art style closer to that of the.

Fable concept art by Emrah Elmasli on Kotaku 23/09/2015

Fable's Concept Art is Like a Giant Storybook

Great sword

Araina's father always has his sword upon his person. Being the Lord of Listhiathine, the sword's golden swirls and edges represent his City's trademark; the sunlight. Inspiration for Caius Hopeforge

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