Albatross by on @DeviantArt


some more practice with a simple render 05 Gunship a bit like an in its idea and role but can carry and drop off units, all part of the Huntermaster/ pirates/ bughunter world.

Air by StTheo on DeviantArt

This is more of the mini project "Pirates" looking at another group Heres the Squad Cheers WarBoys

Killzone concept art

Killzone Shadow Fall character, vehicle and environment concept art created by Simon Robert, Christopher Brandstrom and Efgeni Bischoff for Guerrilla Games.

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Fighter Concept + Now with WIP images + Desc by Pinakes

This is originally made for CGMA class Vehicle & Mech Design by Paul Christopher. Fighter Concept + Now with WIP images + Desc

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ArtStation - Outlaw Webber, Tobias Frank

Concept for Everspace. Unmanned drone that uses a tractor beam to hinder ships from fleeing.