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LEGIT THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD RIGHT HERE. finding someone who loves bands as much as you is the best feeling in the world, people. I am not even kidding. Anyone out there love bands as much as I do?

Even though I am afraid of ppl touching me I would still let him hug me.


Bring Me The Horizon and Johnny Depp!Bring Me The Horizon actually based their band name off of this remark from Pirates of the Caribbean

Bring Me The Horizon Interview XD

Bring Me The Horizon Interview 😂 (Oli Sykes & Jordan Fish)

warped tour poster 2015 - Google Search

If I die young Burry me in band merch Lay me down on a Bed of posters Spread my ashes at Warped tour Send me away with the words Of a punk song. The Band Perry - If I Die Young

Anyone who listens to TØP most likely knows that feeling

I'M NOT OKAY I'M NOT OKAYYYYYY<<<as much as I love that's song (well if you wanted honesty that's all you had to sayyy) but this is a tøp meme therefore you point is invalid

Seriously I hate how stupid directioners are hating on our bands. We try not to hate on them they should show some respect back. Just common courtesy.

Mitch Lucker, lead singer for Suicide Silence. Died in a car crash. He has a five year old daughter and a wife and a majority of directioners told her to "slit her emo wrists". May I repeat, A FIVE YEAR OLD WHOSE DAD JUST DIED!

Dan, Phil, And Oli. Some of my favorite people!

Oli Skyes and Phil and Dan x) Ive seen this vid :) Oli's face though! XD Is it a sexy Llama?