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Orca wave

Amazing pic of Orca whales surfing (dolphins aren't the only ones that surf)! Paul Tixier Actually they are dolphins.

J27, Blackberry, pec slap

Orcas have huge round fins; they use them like paddles!

Type D Orca: One specimen washed up in New Zealand in 1955, but it was considered to have been a deformed "normal" species of orca until its descendents were spotted. A recent study of the waters of Chilean Antarctica is speculating that the rare and very different killer whales spotted in the sea are actually a previously undocumented species. As early as 2005, fisherman and tourists were reporting having seen orcas described as "different" and having "an incredibly distinctive look".

Orca - Type D, the Southern Ocean Recluse

One of seven currently known records of killer whales Orcinus orca type D: near the Crozet Islands, a sub-antarctic archipelago in the southern Indian Ocean (P. Tixier via Robert L. Pitman et al.