Burnt Orange Roses  Cake by CakeLifeChaos

A vanilla chocolate chip mini cake quickly decorated with some Swiss meringue buttercream roses.

yellow roses birthday cake | vanilla cake with fresh whipped cream and strawberries

My friend Renee recently asked me to make a rose cake for her mom's birthday, and the reason behind it was such a sweet one.

Purple Rose cake  Photo by amandacupcake • Instagram

Purple Rose cake Photo by amandacupcake

This cake was for a wedding rehearsal dinner. The groom is a Res Sox fan and the bride is a Yankees fan, so they came up with this idea for a fun cake. I used edible images for the logos/flags. The baseballs are fondant covered styro balls. I would have liked to make them edible,  but I wanted them to be perfectly round and I didn't really have time since I had their wedding cake to work on.

For a wedding rehearsal dinner. The bride was a yankees fan, the groom a red sox fan. It was their idea to do the topsy turvy design

Ombré blue rose cake

Ombré blue rose cake