Cozy bohemian whimsy.  Not sure why, but this room looks like a great place to nap. . . ;)

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Outdoor bed

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Color Tells a Story! - mediterranean - living room - detroit - by Urso Designs. Grear place to relax and chill either by yourself or with friends.

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Artsy hipster room ideas that make you inspired.DIY, Design & Decorating tips for indie hippie room (bedroom, living room, etc)

Large cushion to amend couch

f you're short of ideas and simply don't know precisely what you should get for your bedroom, look at this site. The above mentioned club outfit ideas would def.

Quarto boho, gypsy

Urban Outfitters - Magical Thinking Farah Medallion Duvet Cover Bohemian Bedroom :: Beach Boho Chic :: Home Decor + Design :: Free Your Wild :: See more Untamed Bedroom Style Inspiration

Magical Thinking Moon Tarot Tapestry - Urban Outfitters from Urban Outfitters. * sew into duvet cover

“As was her custom, she'd slay her own dragons, and build the library herself. Our princess was no fool, just tired.”

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My next home MUST have a yoga/meditation area.

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“Even more of our Wicked House Merchantile apothecary where all our magickal goods are made for our Etsy shoppe for you!

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cool 14 Bohemian Style Gardens Do you want having a garden like no one else in your neighborhood? What about a garden with a Bohemian style ? Look at those ideas, a bohemian garden .

Black light posters were so cool and don't forget the bookshelves made out of cinderblocks.

38 Incredible Trippy Room For Fantastic Live — Fres Hoom

psychodelic man :)

New room idea

GypsyYaya- Perfectly Layered Bohemian Bliss

5 Rooms

23 Stunning Global Bohemian Living Room Decors to Bring Out Colors at Your Home - Awesome Indoor & Outdoor

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Sacred Space // Altar + decor // Ideas + inspiration for the bedroom, at home + outdoors.

Walk in closet, stunning.

Boho walk-in closet + dressing room