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Black Swan Movie Poster by StephanieGrafe

I just bought an American Psycho poster and wanted to have another one next to it, so I needed a similar style. I chose one of my favourite movies:.

Black Swan movie poster stylized grunge

What do you get when you combine artful fandom with sci-fi and fantasy legend? Graphic designer Christian Petersen's cool retro prints, which bow down to Doctor Who, Harry Potter and others.

Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan (2010)

Black Swan by Eileen S

An alternative movie poster for the film Black Swan, created by Eileen S, featured on AMP.

Black Swan

Matt Ryan Tobin Black Swan & Anne Benjamin Wizard of Oz Posters Release From Mondo

black swan

Black Swan by me! This is actually the first poster I’ve actually made myself that I’ve posted on Minimal Movie Posters. It started off as a handdrawn picture, then I edited it in photoshop and turned it into a poster! I haven’t seen Black Swan yet,.