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Food Intolerance: Hot coffee slurping for Nurant Magazine. Italy by Leo Espinosa


This is freaking awesome. I loved Tangled, and to see Rapunzel with dyed hair, a septum piercing, Slipknot shirt, colorful eyeshadow and visible tattoos (with her green eyes and freckles) makes me love her more!

Love Adventure by Nidhi Chanani

Artist Showcase at WonderGround Gallery

Learn about the events for the Disney Theme Park Merchandise collections, including Vinylmation©, Pins, and more!

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This is a great use of color but slightly poor use of the brush. I can see a full circle on her forehead from ending the brush use. There are also some black spots that are showing through, like beside the nose and on the gold part of the sleeve.

love the glamour :)


Rapunzel, Ariel, and Belle. how ironic that I have the personality of Rapunzel and Ariel but I look like Belle!

A beaut

The fact that they've change her for the "new generations" means they have no respect for the original art and the artist that created one of the world's most beloved characters.

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Artwork from the wedding of Disney animation artists (Brittney Lee + her husband). The couple designed their wedding invitations/ stationary. This illustration really well displays Brittney's art style.