Jugend magazine illustration by JR Witzel. Date not provided

Joseph Rudolf Witzel, illustration for magazine Jugend, First price in a competition. It is referring to the Dreyfus affair in France. Via University of Heidelberg.

Metallbild LErmitage

Paul Emile Berthon Art Nouveau poster for the revue L'Ermitage in A revue is a comedic song-dance-sketch show for theater, similar to vaudeville.

7 de bâtons - Tarot art nouveau par Antonella Castelli

The Primavera Tarot was also called Tarot Art Nouveau, but there is another deck by Matt Myers called the Art Nouveau Tarot. The Myers deck is less representative of art nouveau and shows mainly in…

L’as de bâtons - Tarot art nouveau par Antonella Castelli

Ace of Wands / L’as de Bâtons - Art Nouveau Tarot by Antonella Castelli

Gaspar Camps : Agosto https://www.artexperiencenyc.com/social_login/?utm_source=pinterest_medium=pins_content=pinterest_pins_campaign=pinterest_initial

Gaspar Camps i Junyent (Spanish, painter, illustrator and poster artist of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco. From the Barcelona magazine Álbum Salón

Peter Behrens, The Kiss, 1898.  German Jugendstil. This six-color woodcut, controversial for its androgynous imagery,  was first reproduced in Pan magazine.

'The Kiss' by Peter Behrens, 1898 ~ This six-color woodcut, controversial for its androgynous imagery, was first reproduced in Pan magazine.

Roots of psychedelia:  Jugend Magazine, 1896 <----- 1896..  ahead of their time.

Roots of psychedelia: Jugend Magazine, 1896 ahead of their time -- psicadelismo dos anos 60 - inspirado na arte nova;


Paul Berthon (1872-1909)

Paul Berthon Art Nouveau illustration of Liane de Pougy, a Folies-Bergere dancer. She was known to be one of Paris' most beautiful courtesans.

Sainte Marie des Fleurs, roman par René Boylesvé. Ollendorf Editions, 28bis rue Richelieu, Paris. cover by Paul Berthon

Art Nouveau poster for the book Sainte Marie de Fleurs by author René Boylesve. Poster by Paul Emile Berthon who studied as a painter in villefranche before moving to Paris, where he studied under Luc-Olivier Merson.

94568-janeatchecc81coverforjugend.jpg (450×605)   Джейн Atché (1872-1937), французский художник ар-нуво и иллюстратор, также известный как Жанна Atché.   Джейн Atché, обложка для Jugend  Джейн Atché, Ла-Cigarette - L'Eventail  Джейн Atché, плакат  Джейн Atché, плакат для работы сигаретная бумага 1889 года Paul Émile Berthon (1872-1909) Опубликовано dfordoom от 20 апреля 2014 Опубликовано в: югендстиля , B , французских художников .	Оставить комментарий Paul Émile Berthon (1872-1909)…

Jugend cover by Jane Atché (French, Art Nouveau artist and illustrator, also known as Jeanne Atché.

I pin Mucha all the time, but never can get enough, especially of this picture. Loved it since I was a little.

Art nouveau poster - Alphonse Mucha - Art nouveau print - Feather, P006

A poster by Alphonse Mucha. Very Art Nouveau poster. There is many swirls and decorative points in this poster. Typical swirls in her hair made from Mucha

Alfonso Mucha. Gismondo poster. 1895 of Sarah Bernhardt. An instant success that launched his career as well as demand for inexpensive mass-produced poster art. Originally called Mucha Art it expanded into Art Nouveau.

1894 Poster for Victorien Sardou`s 'Gismonda' starring Sarah Bernhardt at the Théâtre de la Renaissance, Paris © Alphonse Mucha Estate-Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York-ADAGP, Paris

Ken-Taylor-First-Aid-Kit-Melbourne-Poster  Not actually art nuveau but its a nice homage

Ken Taylor First Aid Kit Melbourne Poster

First Aid Kit, a limited edition silkscreen by artist Ken Taylor. This is the second First Aid Kit poster by Ken Taylor. This print has metallic inks.