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otaku problems #184 - Hasen't worked... YET!

I have a friend that likes anime but he doesnt watch what I watch sooo

Dang, I never follow my own rule: Finish one anime first, and then start on another! Luckly I keep a list!

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga and it's so frustrating

Otaku Issues Otaku issue

Reach in and take em or just hug them

Bowing and so forth are all symptoms of being an otaku. I am indeed guilty of this.

Like that slight upper body bow out of respect and then you get weird looks xD

Or my iPad, or my notebooks, or my school agenda !!!!

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga<<< yeah I don't give a crap if they don't like it

Like the second opening to Akatsuki no Yona

I'm having that problem right now, I still gotta wait until the full version of the ending song of "Akatsuki no Yona"

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga

Otaku Problems, Anime/Manga Once went to 4 different Barns and Nobel's in my area none had the one I was looking for -.

I Think this is just a problem for people in general

Otaku Issue (Btw, if you ever DID make your eyes turn red, seek medical help.) I'd be that character that if her eyes ever did turn red, you'd know shit just went down.

#31. So annoying

A guy in my class yesterday asked me "So since you watch anime, you speak Asian?" I have never faceplamed harder in my entire life.<< HAHAHHAHAHA that guy is retarted

Found a guy who looks exactly like America from Hetalia at my school, don't even know his name, but he''s too perfect for words

Found a guy who looks like gray from the anime fairy tail and he is sooo perfect<<< Someone looks like Greece from Hetalia in my math class XD

Reaction: Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Otaku problem -- or they only have like one 45 minute episode that somehow manages to bring you to tears in the end.

Well, actually Otaku is a huge insult! It means for like someone who watches weird anime in their moms house in the basement all the time, in the dark, and to never be seen by the sun again...kind of thing...so I'm not an "otaku" like that, just an anime/manga fan...

I believe this is the *western* definition

Hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!! (evil laugh!) I have done this multiple times and succeeded, now they do it to their friends.

So true i turned my best friend into an anime freak and we are now constantly taking all day and night about anime.

Otaku Problem: When you're too used to manga and when you read a regular book you're like "Wtf what did they do to this book?!"

Otaku issues # 151 one time my friend caught me trying to read a book right to left. She got very confused. So did I, because it was a regular book

#Otaku #Anime Otaku Issues #12  so true</3

~~ Unless of course u have another Otaku friend -- When I went to high school I got friends with who I can talk about anime.

otaku issue #1 I'm in love with anime characters and can't help there just so much smarter, cuter, hotter, and everything real boys don't have

otaku issue I'm in love with anime characters and can't help there just so much smarter, cuter, hotter, and everything real boys don't have. I love how this is our number ONE issue!