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genya safin | i am not ruined; i am ruination"

"I was a living star. I was combustion. I was a new sun born to shatter air and eat the earth. I am ruination." Genya Ruin and Rising Leigh Bardugo

Christian Martin Weiss Photography

"Find the shadows that whisper, find the midnight of the bells, find the darkness that traps me, traps us all.

scary gif death Black and White creepy horror kill black dark die dead murder insane darkness Macabre KNIFE terror serial killer killer psycho insanity psychopath psychopathic

You want gifs? I'll give you gifs. requests are welcome started- september 2017

It can be everyone and you don't mind because you don't know.

lanymphomanenoir: ““Nine,” she struggled to say through the tears in her eyes and the choking in her gasps from the sting of the belt. She clutched the bed sheet in her fists and buried her face in.

Lost in the Darkness by NataliaDrepina.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"Control the moths like you should control your mouth." "Look angel I'm not going to take your passive aggressive shit.