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Levir Culpi Bem, Amigos (Foto: David Abramvezt)

Abel diz que seu futuro cabe a ele e não descarta novo período sabático

Abel Braga no Bem, Amigos (Foto: Marcos Guerra)

Managed to get a good shot of my cat this morning.

Google Keep app for Creativity and Project Management

3/3 Rebecca @stickylittleleaves and I got a little lost yesterday driving out to my friend Emma's @emm_searle in Harare. Whilst driving down the wrong road we came across a large open patch of dirt with an 11 a side football game underway. We didn't have the time to capture the game then but returned today. The first person I met on the sidelines was the assistant coach Michael Who promptly shouted some encouragement on deaf ears to display his importance to the team to me.Whilst Michael…

Tips for Increasing Physical Activity

OMG! My PE class has a time when we can play basketball and VOLLEYBALL and Tedder Ball. Every time someone takes a volleyball and starts kicking it like a soccer ball. It annoys me!

25 Quotes to Live By After a Breakup

Being positive in a negative situation isn’t naive, it’s leadership.

Scheduling Secrets of Busy Moms

Time Management for Busy Moms - How to Organize Your Family's Schedule - Good Housekeeping

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