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§§§ : Buster Brown Paper Doll ✄ 1902

Buster Brown Paper Doll DieCut Set - You can dress Buster Brown and his dog Tige in 4 costumes from his classic comic book adventures! Our cute and high quality Buster paper doll stands 12 inches tall.

Paper doll shadow box

a cute way to use paper doll cut-outs. Would be great in a girls room. Always see old paper dolls at flea markets and such.

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Resultado de imagen para paper dolls fashion


Paper Doll Natalie Lecomte by Michelle - Front Row Fashion Week Exclusive Black / African-American / persons of color paperdoll


by Tom Tierney for his Superstars of the Old West series (which is kinda funny because, well, Jesse James was a murderer and a thief ~ even .

Oshare Note Liz Lisa - Onofer-Köteles Zsuzsánna - Álbumes web de Picasa

Oshare - Art by Naoki Watanabe - Mama Mia - Picasa Webalbum * 1500 free paper dolls at Arielle Gabriel's The International Paper Doll Society and also free paper dolls at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel *


I think one of my younger sisters had this set. Baby Kim looks very familiar.