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Easy-To-Build Chameleon Paper Model - by Education Scholastic == Education Scholastic Chameleon Paper Model This Chameleon paper model is very easy-to-build, so it is perfect for kids and school works. In the end of this post you will find another version of a Chameleon, more realistic, by Raspera website.

PAPERMAU: Easy-To-Build 1972`s Datsun Bluebird 510 Paper Model - by Paperized

PAPERMAU: Indonesian Cultural Heritage Paper Toy Series - by Kobico

Nissan S Cargo Paper Model In SD Style - by Kozenikan - == - This easy-to-build paper model of the Nissan S Cargo in Sd style (super deformed style) was created by Japanese designer Kozenikan. You will find many other paper vehicles in his page.

Matrix - Neo, Trinity And Morpheus Paper Toys - by Paper Pino - == - By Italian designer Paper Pino, here are Neo, Trinity And Morpheus, main characters from The Matrix.

Easy-To-Build Bus Paper Model For Kids - by Prefecture Of Fukui - == - This cute yellow bus paper model came from Japan and is perfect for kids, because it is very easy to assemble. It is offered by Prefecture Of Fukui website.

Setsubun Japanese Demon Mask Paper Model - by Rinkintan - == - By Japanese designer Rinkintan, this is The Demon Mask, used at Setsubun Japanese Festival to scare away bad spirits.

Hulk Bust Paper Model - by Paper Juke - Busto do Hulk -- A cool Hulk Bust paper model, by French designer Paper Juke. A nice collectible for all Avengers fans.

Star Wars - Single Trooper Aerial Platform - by Noturno Sukhoi == The "Real" Thing This really nice paper model from Star Wars Universe was created by Noturno Sukhoi team.

PAPERMAU: Rock Paper Scissors Robot Mascot Paper Model - by Joshua Chollet