Where does inspiration come from....anywhere you want! #ockf #freedesignservice #colorsfromnature #sunsets #inspiration

Where does inspiration come from....anywhere you want! #ockf #freedesignservice #colorsfromnature #sunsets #inspiration

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Clouds Inspiration

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

Nature is the most beautiful when it's so dangerous. The cruelty...

Each palette I post was created by me, by hand using photoshop. I do not own the original photos or gifs I use to create the palettes, unless otherwise stated. Natural Palettes was created as a.


shows the cool of the ocean translated into a colour pallet. this palette demonstrates how cool colours can vary from white too deep dark blue.

Интересная композиция, обладающая некой загадкой. Может быть, потому, что оттенки зеленого и черный цвет определенно наделены магической силой. Палитра будет притягательна для сильных, волевых личностей, которые привыкли вести за собой. Теплый охровый оттенок создает баланс и контрастность. Такая гамма подойдет для интерьера модного ресторана или ночного клуба.

Цветовая палитра №2523

Note from Courtney: I still want to run warm colors for Leadership Academy and matte blues and creams for Academy+ with maybe a pop of colour here and there?

Possible palette for storm at sea quilt

Urban Threads Lookbook - Vol 1 Issue 6

Subtle and bright at the same time, you can find beauty in a super saturated background and a soft matching ombre in this Fading Light color inspiration.

cvetovaya-palitra-1274 - http://www.homedecoz.com/home-decor/cvetovaya-palitra-1274/


❤ Please pin the most beautiful pictures showcasing shades in this color palette. Please pin quality over quantity. Please no runway models, bags, shoes, or earrings.

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The Perfect Palette

LIVING ROOM - so i may be obsessed with succulents at home. but i've never had the opportunity to use them in wedding work. this seems like very unusual color palate for a wedding, but is beautiful