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You know how I have posted a gajillion photos of the #Airstream renovation? I'm about to share a billion more. Wanna see?! The BEFORE version was barf. I knew you wouldn't be able to unsee THAT. This AFTER version is way more fun. My friend described

#Airstream love: The problem with a field is that you can put stuff in it.

Work in progress: I've decided that #Airsteam is my forever favourite. I'm not even exaggerating. Wait. Do you know me? Don't answer that. Toats fave.

Custom airstream | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Hold on to yer butts, because this one's pretty wild. Yup. That includes me AND the #airstream

I love white paint and the staggering simplicity it brings to a space. Now that I'm out of the paint coma