A list of 19 examples of beautiful book cover design for graphic and Web designers.

William Shakespeare – Henry VIII – couverture de Joaquín Pertierra, New Penguin Shakespeare

"Henry VIII" book cover illustration for New Penguin Shakespeare by Spanish illustrator Joaquín Pertierra. via el enigma Pertierra


Fliers and Fake Books — Nathaniel Russell - very eye catching design. I really like the lonely feeling given by all of the negative space

Irma Boom: Van Krimpen

graphism 🌷 by irma boom (van krimpem) floral fleur rouge / red flower minimal conceptuel

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Joaquín Pertierra. Portada El rinoceronte. BCC. 1965

El rinoceronte This play was written by Eugene Ionesco, who is widely known for writing absurdist plays.