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The category is: billion dollar ideas. The answer: A diamond shaped patch of material that allows you to move with freedom from Warrior II to Triangle. The question: What is a gusset? Will also accept: Which seam ties together ancient India, Ayn Rand, Vancouver’s Yaletown, Goldman Sachs, and the outline of a human female’s labia majora? Or: What’s the holy grail of ethnic marketing? Or: What prevents “camel toe”? #Lululemon #CrossCultural #Yoga #StretchyPants

asymmetrical backbend

Street Yoga India Setu Bandhasana



Capoeira is a martial art developed by African slaves in Brazil around the year 1500's. Dance-like movements in capoeira and dotted heavily on kicks. The fight in capoeira is usually accompanied by music and called Jogo. Capoeira is often criticized because many people doubted its worth in real combat, compared to other martial arts such as karate or taekwondo.

The best capoeira video ever. More videos like this here: http://martialarts.forumotion.com/t107-capoeira-videos

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