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english-idylls: “ A Book About Bees by Rev. F. G. Jenyns (1886). ”

I just love cloth bound books. Field guides with printed etchings are a favorite of mine. A book about bees. Their history, habits, and i.

For the love of Books... "Das unheimliche Buch" by Karl Ebert, 1914, photo by Paul K via Flickr.

ghoulnextdoor: 'Das Unheimliche Buch' (The Eerie Book) Morocco leather Bound by Karl Ebert.Edited by Felix Schloemp. With a foreword by Karl Hans Strobl and fifteen images of Alfred Kubin.

Flowerchild fairytale of good and evil   1901.

Flowerchild Fairytale of Good and Evil by G van der Hoeven [cover design by JB Heukelom

vintage book cover art nouveau,  Would like to invert the design on the bottom of this page and use it was the design for a necklace.

BOOKS AS ART The Guild of Women Binders Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, by Thomas Gray, illustrated by R. London: Printed for the Guild of Women Binders, Bound by an.

Vintage Bees

The Honey-bee; its nature, homes and products / William Harris Hetherington, 1884

Humboldt Alexander (from): Cosmos. Draft of a physical description of the world. - Asta Libri, Manoscritti e Autografi - Libreria Antiquaria Gonnelli - Casa d'Aste - Gonnelli Casa d'Aste

Sorry, Neil de Grasse-Tyson.A True Scientist, who acknowledged all his sources, beat you to the concept and the title over 150 years ago, -LONG BEFORE you could write the "foreword" to HIS BOOK.