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Lionsgate, you fool. You made Peeta a part of your games.

27 "Hunger Games" Puns You Can't Help But Laugh At

27 "Hunger Games" Puns You Can't Help But Laugh At

Oh goodness I want this shirt.  I'm still team peeta

need to add to my Hunger Games wishlist, along with a giftcard to Mellark's bakery and a high-tech bow and arrow.

violent. distrustful. manipulative. deadly.

Katniss The Hunger Games!

Yet another interview clip. Josh talks about the internets.

Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence sit down together for discussion on their chemistry read for ‘The Hunger Games’

While that isn't totally true (because I could never forget about Gale), if it is someone worthy of the position I will be VERY pleased. :)

The sad thing is, its true. One does not simply decide to be not Team Finnick. Cuz he creeps up on you. Hes VERY distracting.

this...is one of the most beautiful things ever....

I found my ticket stubs in my purse yesterday and all I could do was grin goofily.

Ways to win over a girl

Take note, boys: How to do it right. Especially if you resemble Peeta/ Josh Hutcherson