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“You are a child of the universe. No less than the trees and the stars ☆” Buddha .More like we are a Child of God! Still love this quote though!

Le bonheur, tout simplement - 8 citations inspirantes des plus grands philosophes illustrées en cartoon

Funny pictures about I want happiness. Oh, and cool pics about I want happiness. Also, I want happiness.


This would make a great tattoo Breathing Techniques for Stressed Out Children (The article is written to help children with special needs, but really applies to all kids, and adults too!


GREAT LAW - As you sow, so shall you reap. This is also known as the Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us. If what we want is happiness, peace.

My energy. movement with heart and soul ONLY. To put your heart and soul into it multiplies it exponentially.

Acquisita la consapevolezza del corpo e del respiro possiamo esercitarci nel ritiro dei sensi e intraprendere la pratica meditativa. #yoga

Abraham Hicks: "The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.


Canvas Quote Art – “a Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor.” – English Proverb – Printable – Inspirational Quote Art – “a Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor.

Love this!

Breathing in, I calm my body. Breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment, I know this is a wonderful moment. ~ Thich Nhat Hahn~V

♥SILENCE MAKES ME WISE .... for in that silence I hear the voice of God.

Silence makes me strong “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”Lao Tzu So so so powerful! “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

it's about you not giving your control and peace to negative people instead bring them into your peace.

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May we exist like the lotus at ease in muddy water -Zen Proverb ( cover allison's tattoo, lotus flower and next to it in cursive say, "at ease in muddy water"