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Official Post from Pedro Medeiros: This is probably the most complex tutorial I've made so far, but I hope it can be useful! Water is definitely not my specialty, so I had to do a lot of research for this one.As always, a disclaimer, those are not stone written rules, they are just how I usually think when drawing water. And this is

Learn pixel art basics to advanced techniques with Pedro Medeiros' amazing GIFs.

Official Post from Pedro Medeiros: First tutorial of the year and I'm already late here it is! The theme is pixel movement, or how some people call it subpixel animation. Well, since moving less than one pixel is impossible this is actually a tut

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10 pixel art tutorials by Pedro Medeiros - More on his Patreon page

Встроенное видео

Встроенное видео

Official Post from Pedro Medeiros: I decided to break up the UI theme into several parts and this is the first one. The 9-slice (and the 3-slice) is, in my opinion, the basic element of every UI and a good place to start, since you can reuse it pretty much everywhere.Here's a quick reference of what I like to call the parts of the 9-

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MiniBoss • Pixel art tutorials

MiniBoss • Pixel art tutorials

Official Post from Pedro Medeiros: Noise reduction was the most voted topic! I expanded on the topic, and it ended up pretty complex and since I also explained other stuff I called this one pixel art Fundamentals 1.Some other tips that wouldn't fit the image:Keep you color count low (less then 32 colors).Consider large areas with fla

pixelartus: “A growing collection of animated Pixel Art Tutorials by Pedro Medeiros ( of Studio Miniboss (they previously worked on TowerFall and are currently working on Celeste and.

Metatiles - In a Nutshell by Pix3M:

Just trying a new hobby, digital art, pixel art, and making games. Have been scouring the internet for tutorials and the likes, but hoping to learn more from a community of like minded people. I wi.

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