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Lmao I'll read a whole page and realize I was thinking at the same time and have no idea what I just read

That’s exactly what happens to me when I’m reading a book from the highschool!

I hate it when that happens

Ohhh I do this all of the time but then my bro comes in and turns my music down,I'm like why did mom call my name oh no mom I'm coming. Then mom says why I didn't say your name


It ends up not being a hot boy "You really hate me don't you big guy?" ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️/////// It happened to me. I got a hot boy.

I think that all the time at my house.

Seriously though, sometimes I wonder if my parents have installed hidden cameras just to spy on me.

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Teenager Post That awkward moment when you are trying to explain a song but don't want to sing it.

Teenagers aren't the only people who do this. And throw it at people

Teenager post wow I thought I was alone in this lol. then I start tying them together. Ditto <--------- haha I start grass wars with my friends!<<<< When i played soccer i used to make nests for my soccer ball


Teenager Post The awkward moment when you think you can touch the bottom of the pool, then try to and almost drown in the process.

every song makes me think of a time with someone or even one ive made up in my head to go along with the story line of the song

This is so true! I actually found this song I loved from my childhood that I used to jam to, and now I have it on my phone and stuck on replay.

This is so TRUE!! My parents always get upset with me because they think I'm mad!

But most of the time I'm mad or upset about something when I'm not talking 😂 cuz I talk all the time. One of the only teenager posts I can't really relate to.

this is so true. i just keep making the faces until they notice. sometimes people think im doing it to THEM and im like no not you i dont even know you! >..>

Teenager Post I never actually say hi to my friends, I just make creepy faces at them from a distance.

Yup....funny how we do this one!

me on the way to the school bus stop,thankyou nice man in a van who let me cross the road!

@Rachel Rosen !!!!

Once at judgement house my youth leader made me and my friend laugh, and we couldn't stop because every time we'd stop laughing we'd look up at each other and start laughing again.