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What why'd you pick me u never pick me when I do have my hand raised

What why'd you pick me u never pick me when I do have my hand raised<<<<<Hecause the teacher thinks you know the answer but you just dont want to raise your hand or because she thinks you're an idiot.

Lol yea!!

Because the prince spread tar on the stairs you idiots stop spreading this around and rEAD THE DARN FAIRY TALES

27 Things That Happen To Every Student In School ---- this happens every fucking time

yep one time I accidentally threw out a bunch of really important notes and died a little inside when the teacher told the class to get their notes out

You Up?

You Up?

July 30 is International Day of Friendship, so grab a bottle of your bestie's favorite vino and pack the silliest parlor games, because it's time to go all-in on celebrating the family we get to choose. Friends are incredibly special people, because …

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Boi once I opened lays and there was like 6 chips and I remember standing there in disappointment

How big you want your pancakes #Funny #Memespic.twitter.com/jbFQZA8nxc http://ibeebz.com

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