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#steroline #tve sick of whiny Elena. Damon can have her. Lets make out boy happy!!!

Okay so I have literally shipped Caroline with everyone but Damon. Even though I loved Forwood and Klaroline I feel that Steroline is endgame.

Idc that I have already pinned this!! It is day 6 and I am choosing my favorite friendship by far, Steroline! Not as a ship but as a FRIENDship;) they are so caring of each other and I love it!!

not only the best besties but for sure also when the finally (hopefully soon) come as a couple the sweetest couple ever.

Meet Crazy Pants - Elena, Damon & Amara.... Side note: Nina Dobrev must be exhausted. Elena, Katherine AND Amara? Nina's a busy lady.

Meet Crazy Pants - Elena, Damon & Amara ----- seriously Nina Dobrev is an amazing actress. You can most definitely tell the difference between Elena, Amara, and Katherine.