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The Worlds Most Awkward Taxidermy

The World's Most Awkward Taxidermy

Here is version 1 featuring the most hilarious taxidermy fails on the planet. You will find yourself continually asking the .

Vashta Nerada

I can just imagine the taxidermist standing back, looking at this, and congratulating himself on a job well done.

A stuffed dog posted on the facebook group called 'Badly stuffed animals'

Get stuffed: The disturbing animals created when taxidermy goes wrong

Crap taxidermy

Crap taxidermy

33 Taxidermy FAILs That Are Both Funny and Horrifying

33 Taxidermy Fails That Are Both Funny and Horrifying

Badly Stuffed Animals: Facebook Collates The Very Best Of Bad Taxidermy (PICTURES)

Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid

Taxidermy can be a misunderstood art form at the best of times, but a glance at these horrors is likely to put you off for life.